About us

Training.fit was created out of the desire to make reliable information about fitness training easily and clearly accessible. This includes numerous exercise instructions, nutrition and supplement tips, workout plan, as well as tests and descriptions of the appropriate equipment.

Our goal is to offer articles that are as objective and scientifically sound as possible. Therefore, our content is, if necessary and useful, provided with appropriate scientific references and source citations, so that you can make up your own mind about the statements made. All content is created editorially independent.

Many years of training experience (with ups and downs), many discussions, but especially the study of scientific publications with an academic background are the basis for our knowledge gain, which we would like to pass on here.

We do not spread half-truths or bro-science . Our goal is to provide beginners with the best possible training start and to support advanced athletes with scientifically proven, evidence-based facts.

Of course, we are also happy to accept criticism and suggestions for improvement. For feedback we are available at info[at]training.fit.