The kettlebell isn’t just featured in our logo, but it’s also becoming increasingly popular in fitness studios and home gyms. Its name, “kettlebell,” comes from its visual resemblance to a heavy water kettle.

Usually made of cast iron, kettlebells come in various weights and sizes, similar to regular dumbbells. You can also find kettlebells made of steel casting or filled with sand and plastic. Although the basic shape remains the same across manufacturers, there can be differences in details such as color, handle, and ball shape.

Adjustable kettlebells are a great space-saving option for home gyms. You can adjust their weight step by step using a rotary control on the top or pins on the side. Some models even come with screw caps.

If you’re looking to save on additional training equipment, consider a kettlebell handle for dumbbells. This handle attaches to your dumbbell, allowing you to hold it like a kettlebell. However, due to the different shape, you might need to adjust your exercise technique in some cases.

Working out with a kettlebell

You can perform the following exercise with a kettlebell.

Exercise Main muscle group Difficulty Type of training
Standing Abdominal Twist Abs workout


Isolation exercise

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