Pull-up bar

We’re all familiar with pull-up bars, and most of us have used them at some point. In the gym, you’ll usually find various pull-up bar options or handles. Pull-ups can often be performed on a dip station with assistance weights for beginners, or on a multipress that typically includes handles for pull-ups.

For home use, you have several options:

  • Wall-mounted pull-up bar
  • Ceiling-mounted pull-up bar
  • Door frame pull-up bar
  • Power rack pull-up bar
  • Free-standing pull-up bars

Advantages and disadvantages of different options

Ceiling-mounted pull-up bars offer great stability when installed on a reinforced concrete ceiling or wooden beam. However, their weight can make installation time-consuming.

Wall-mounted pull-up bars also require a sturdy surface for secure installation, which may not be available in every home.

Door frame pull-up bars are popular due to their flexibility and ease of removal. There are two main types:

  1. Screw-in door frame pull-up bars: These are extended until pressure secures them in place. Stability may vary depending on the door frame, and the pressure can leave marks on the frame.
  2. Clamp-on door frame pull-up bars: These tilt into the frame and press against both sides, offering a more secure, screw-free installation. However, stability can be reduced if the bar doesn’t sit securely on both sides. The door frame must also be strong enough to support this type of mounting.

If you’re serious about home training, you might consider buying a power rack, which usually includes a built-in pull-up bar, eliminating the need for a separate one.

Free-standing pull-up bars require more space but have the advantage of not needing installation and being stable on their own.

Consider grip options

Pull-ups can be performed with overhand, underhand, or neutral grips, among others.

Many pull-up bars offer various grip options. Even if you think you won’t use different grip variations, having them available doesn’t hurt. When purchasing a pull-up bar, consider not only the installation but also the available grip options.

Working out with a pull-up bar

You can perform the following exercises with a pull-up bar.

Filter the exercises below by muscle group and difficulty.

Exercise Main muscle group Difficulty Type of training
Hammer Grip Pull-Ups Upper back


Compound exercise
Hanging Knee Raise Abs workout


Isolation exercise
Neck Pull-Ups Upper back


Compound exercise
Pull-Ups Upper back


Compound exercise
Wide Grip Pull-Ups Upper back


Compound exercise
Windshield Wipers Abs workout


Isolation exercise

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